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Medical education and communication play a crucial role in the ever-evolving field of healthcare. As medical knowledge advances and new technologies emerge, it is essential for healthcare professionals to stay updated with the latest developments and enhance their skills and knowledge.

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A team renowned for delivering quality results


MEDCON is managed by a team of experienced professionals in pharmaceuticals and medical management, who have established strong relationships with top thought leaders in the field.


We pride ourselves on having a diverse team of experts with extensive backgrounds in science, marketing, digital technologies, and logistics. We firmly believe that our success is attributed to our people, and we remain dedicated to recruiting and retaining highly skilled professionals who share our commitment to excellence.


We place our end-users at the center of everything we do. Our primary objective is to identify and address their unmet needs by developing strategies that are tailored to their unique requirements. We are committed to achieving excellence in all aspects of our performance, with the ultimate goal of helping our clients reach their desired outcomes.


You've got opportunity, we've got brilliant minds


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LinkMed is a mobile application designed to help event planners, attendees, and exhibitors navigate and engage with one another during an event.

It can provide attendees with real-time updates, help speakers engage with participants, and provide event planners with a platform for managing their events.

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LinkMed Screens
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